Spreading Smiles

Patachou, an accessible luxury brand, was born from the visionary minds of two fashion-loving women with a dream to create an enchanting universe for babies and children. Their passion led to the creation of classic and fun pieces, blending exclusive design and prime materials, with a chic and timeless style.

From a little corner in Portugal, Patachou's captivating universe expanded across Europe and beyond, reaching over 18 countries through esteemed multi-brand stores all around the globe, from the USA to South Korea. Our enchanting world graces prestigious fairs like Pitti Bimbo in Italy, Bubble in the UK, and Children'sClub - ENK in the USA, among others.

At the heart of Patachou lies a profound commitment to making a positive impact on the world. The "Spreading Smiles" concept is our Social Responsibility project, where we donate a piece of clothing with every purchase. By joining hands with everyone, we aspire to fulfill our dream of putting lighting children's faces with joy worldwide. Today, Patachou is not just a global brand, but a whole family committed to bringing joy to our children, embracing the legacy and knowledge of the past as we create a better world for everyone.

Join us on this inspiring journey, where each garment carries the essence of love and dreams, making every little one's world more magical, one smile at a time.